What we do
We have a wide array of services, such as:
*Handstrip for Terrier Breeds (Pets and Show) 
*Nail Trimming (Walk-in service) 
*Bath and Brush (includes nail trimming and ear cleaning)
* Bath & Tidy (includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, sanitary clip, pads and feet trim and face touch-up)
* Full Groom (includes the details of Bath&Tidy, plus clipping or trimming on the full body)

House Call Grooming:
We offer house grooming for very old pets, for pets who suffer from car sickness, or those who get very nervous and anxious on a grooming shop environment.
Those appointments are usually available by Saturday evening. Our prices starts at $80.00 and up, depending on the dog's size, temperament and difficulty of the grooming. A $15.00 travel fee will apply.

Exclusive Grooming:
Although Petsborough offers a sanitized environment and requires prof of mandatory vaccination for all the pets, some pet parents may have concerns about the health of theirs pets, due to proximity to other animals.
​Petsborough offers, on Monday mornings, a one-o-one grooming, for those who request it. The price for exclusive grooming sessions starts at $125.00 and up.

We can't give an accurate price without seeing the dog and the coat condition. All the prices given by phone should be taken as an estimate, and not the final price.
​Dogs have different breeds, sizes, temperaments, and coat types. All those factors can increase the final price of the service.
Puppies and elderly dogs can have an increase on their grooming price due the extra amount of time required to perform the grooming, as well as for their booking specific needs.

Type of the Groom -Your requests for grooming of your dog may also have a price. For example, some poodle grooms require plenty of scissoring and others only a clipping of the body and legs.
You want the best for your pet, and so do we at Petsborough! Our goal is to provide your pet with a professional groom in a calm, relaxed and holistic environment. We are a cage dryer free facility.We do not use restrains, muzzles, or crates. Using an understanding holistic approaching we are able to professionally groom your dog.The use of a calming voice and gentle touch, creates relaxation on your dog, and allows us to perform the grooming.We accept old pets (our oldest customer just turned 18), as well as puppies, by special booking. In both cases, is desirable to perform the groom as fast as possible. An extra fee can apply. 
​Petsborough even features a walk-in shower to accommodate the largest of pets!
From a vast variety of our organic grooming products, we will use on your dog the right one, according with your dog's coat type and skin condition.
​We work by appointment only, allowing your pet to receive the full attention of our experienced canine groomer.

 Petsborough is where you want your dog to be groomed

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